10 dangerous marriage system!

Marriage means different rituals, customs and fun. Family, friends and relatives
Like whole life, to die a happy occasion of the marriage of two people in it.

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Whether the country, any group or religion, to marry each society there are many different kinds of jobs. One might think that’s funny, others may also seek that all important matter. Come on, do something fun as the wedding rituals around the world, many countries do not know about.

  1. Cina:
    China just a month before the wedding day rule tuija group of girls that cry for an hour. Just heard, one hour per day. 0, then the rest of the wedding day, his mother joined him in this prakabibaha tears. The grandmother of the bride 0 days later joined the tournament. The girls joined the rest of the family in the last days. Objectives One, to express the joy of marriage. In fact, what they do is a kind of music which is actually a low voice sounds like crying. That’s their tradition.

2. Mangoliya:
China’s Mongolian tribes to fix the date of the wedding, the groom-to-be badhuke together with a knife to kill a chicken chicks. What is the color of the chicken liver chicks. If it does not feel fresh and clean, but the marriage will not happen again. That will have to wait until the baby together kill a chicken, which would see the fresh liver. Not wishing to get married, and the wedding date.

3. India:
India is considered to be auspicious first all girls are married to a tree. And after marriage the tree is cut down. It is considered auspicious to the girls, after their marriage, the husband’s death. This is the first tree to escape from the curse of marriage, it is destroyed. This means that there was a curse on them to a tree as a result of this first marriage, and her husband died. Now in its second, the original meaning of marriage and what obstacles remained. It feels unreal to hear? Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, but was auspicious, and it was his first marriage with tree!

4. South Baranio:
The newly married couple in the baraniora taidam anuyaji tribal customs for three days and three nights in the house were detained. So think well, love themselves, to enjoy comfortably without any hassle is a good opportunity! There is only one problem, this means that three days and three nights of their detention are not allowed to go anywhere. What is not allowed to send in response to the natural activities .. But telling the truth.

5. Phiji:
If you are a resident of Fiji, to get married but do have a little trouble. For example, Fiji, only those persons will be able to marry the father of the bride will be in the hands of a whale tooth. This means that you have to go to the black market, or the sea. But tell, the world’s largest mammal, but most of the time this means whale in the ocean below. It is a little Attila to collect whale teeth.

6. South Sudan:
The people of South Sudan neoura married couples have at least two children if the marriage does not seem to be. That happy family with two children, the couple’s marriage is done now.

7. Keniya:
If you see the face of my father’s daughter, Kenya Masai tribe chitate Thu, bujhebena suburbanite goodbye to the old style with their daughter. Generally, for the blessing of the marriage, the girl’s father gives her in the face and chest Thu spray. Lest anyone takes a look!

8. suiden:
Sweden when the bride or groom goes up from their table to go to the bathroom, sitting on the counter of his partner sex, and guests were allowed to kiss. This means that if the groom got up from the bathroom in the middle of the others, then kissed his new bride came to be other people. The bride leaves her groom, but the other women would kiss him. Obviously that would be a boon to the bathroom, according to everyone expects.

9. Sparata:
Sparata future wives of the ancient city of hair dressed like a boy had made. The next function to broadcast the fire test was the would-be groom. If you want a wedding with all the fuckin eye on this boy pretending to be his future wife would steal her escape. If only he could prove himself to be upajukta marriage.

10. Ireland:
Ireland when the bride and groom dance the bride, the bride must keep in mind is that his feet are on the ground. Otherwise, evil angels, but they will take him away. Why believe? Because angels loves beautiful things, and the bride is beautiful and interesting of all. So once you get a chance, but the angels to be with him. But yes, if your feet touch the ground and you will not be able.