7 solve the problem of low blood pressure in the domestic system

More or less than normal blood pressure, both of which are harmful for the body.

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Blood pressure readings below 60 or less is low, it is considered low blood pressure or low blood pressure.

And below is over 60, 100 or less than the above can induce low blood pressure is considered. Those who suffer from low blood pressure problems and they feel tired all day.

Rotate the head, not the heart, and other various kinds of problems may arise. Following are some methods and some special diet to lower blood pressure problems found salvation.

Let us know in the domestic low blood pressure remedy 7.

Increase salt intake:

Bhugale amount of salt intake have lower blood pressure, increase a little bit. Salt helps to increase blood pressure.

12 teaspoon salt to a glass of water to mix.
Twice a day every day had lower blood pressure on a regular basis by bhugale addle the salt water Khan. Or saline can eat.

They are having problems due to low blood pressure rotating head rotating head can eat for less honey. Honey will help reduce rotating head instantly.

Mix two tablespoons of honey in a glass of water.
Now mix a pinch of salt to the water.
The water mixed with honey and salt to taste. Low blood pressure can be reduced to a few minutes feeling dizzy.

The fruit is quite expensive. But it is the case of low blood pressure drugs work as well. So, who has been suffering from low blood pressure Keep them if you can afford to eat a regular basis.

You can eat as a result of the
As with other fruit you can eat salad.
Blendare bringing grain to blend with the strain. The juice drink pomegranate juice as you can.
Eat plenty of water:

Many people suffer from low blood pressure due to dehydration problems. Drink plenty of water pressure drop, so if you have problems.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.
You can eat lots of fresh fruit juice.
Basil leaves:

Done a lot of basil leaves herb gunaguna helpful to lower blood pressure problems.

Take or choose contuse bete 10-15 basil leaves.
Take basil leaf juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey.
Every morning on an empty stomach juice of basil leaves and honey mixture Khan.
Eat nutritious foods:

Changing food habits can lower your blood pressure to get rid of the problem. Keep some nutritious food to eat in the list. Get plenty of protein-rich foods every day.

Fiber foods, fish, meat, milk, eggs and vegetable Keep plenty of food.
Carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, potatoes, bread, potatoes, sugar, etc., reduce consumption.
Little by little, eat a little bit every day after. If you have normal blood pressure.
Avoid stress:

Additional stress and lower blood pressure may be due to a lack of rest. Avoid the stress and get enough rest.

Do not work at night.
Refrain from negative thoughts.
At least 7 hours of sleep per day.
Usually changes in living habits and blood pressure is normal when you change the list of foods. Yet, if the problem is to lower blood pressure should consult a doctor if the Urgency.