Anuska is upset!

Colleagues ‘amateur’ conduct Holly-actor Dwayne Johnson was excessively angry.

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But there are also more than arbitrariness Bollywood. For various reasons, they often had their work less seriously. Held up the example of ‘Bela.

Katrina too had been wounded in the use of Abbas-Mastan. The Italian remake preparing jabaera they (the name of the film ‘Players’.) Kyatarinake were made very early sign. But the actress then it suddenly gave up. Why leaving, he said something about mastanake Abbas. And they said, even if the phone was available kyatarinake. Abbas said in an interview, ” had only heard rumors, Katrina or we do not want to do the film. But all along we would have blown up. ” Finally, they can learn from other sources, Imran Khan, “not because Yash Raj film philmasaera Katrina has left Abbas mastanera picture. Abbas later said, ” Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, have worked with many superstar. But the first one was with us in so many amateur. ” After Katrina, they took place kapurake Sonam.

Salman Khan:
Salman is a little amateur, he told himself! “Bajarangi bhaijanaera campaign script, Director, Actor, including amateur, did not say anything. Said yourself! In his words, ” one of the film was a little amateur ensemble. Setae came late. Salman Khan, who is the producer. ‘ “Prince” before the release said,’ ‘I was a little nervous before working with Subhash ghaiyera. In fact, that is a good thing. But a lack of professionalism in me! ‘Lack of professionalism in the other saw Salman. He Amir Khan. “Your guess you’re done, or when you salaman him” arrogant and amateurs’ was. The experience of working in the film, so he was not good at all. Later, however, the two are good friends. Aamir Salman praised the role of the film.

Deepika Padukone:
Deepika is not the usual one amateur. But for the character she spent with all your heart, according heard. But once the danger had cosmetic brands Deepika excessively. Was a heroine to shoot for the brand. But he has traveled to Turkey, “a special friend” to Ranbir Singh. Kapoor’s birthday was never again the same day! It was every reason to be angry with the brand. They already had considerable trouble Deepika date. “Joke” and “pikura shooting,” Finding Fanny “and” Happy New iyaraera pracara Altogether it was absolutely packed schedule heroine. Although the date of his or bar, but did not syutai! Deepika Ramesh tauranio catechilena excessively on another producer. “From the middle of the race tuera shooting schedule for a film shooting stars moved. Producers had to speak, in him, or did not care. ” I made a lot of blockbuster. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Vidya balana have worked with actresses like. In such situations, but never read, ” said Ramesh. Film director duo Abbas-Mastan and other Actors did it well or not at all.

Anushka Sharma:
Anushka had no relationship with the family of Bollywood. He has tried to place his own. Impressed ‘Rab Ne proved the Jodi’ without. ‘Band Baja barataera bhasachilena after the great tide of praise! But after hausaera Patiala had heard that the behavior was not being professional Bearer. Anushka acted in the film with enough heart. But the campaign was not time for anything. Kumar and Nikhil Advani director or producer let him taste was struggling to get up to date! When they wanted to communicate with Anushka, Anushka manager veterans, he will talk later! Akshay Kumar, however, wholeheartedly preached dhelei photo. But Anushka amateur manufacturers were angry too.

Vivek Oberoi:
As a result arbitrariness Sanjay Gupta (the filmmaker) as a friend, was angry conscience. “At Lokhandwala lokhandaoyalara as” the conscience of the play was to oyadalateo at Lokhandwala. How happy he was, he janiyeochilena media hero. But the film’s ultimate decision-makers, and not told anything. Film scripts kept to himself for a long time. Finally, angry and decided to skip the conscience of Sanjay and producer Ekta Kapoor. ” Reached the end of our patience. And I do not allow it at all used. The film does not need our conscience. He wanted to return to the scripts, ” said Sanjay. Later, however, had a conscience, he could not picture due date problems. But the creators of the drop could not wait!