England’s tour of Bangladesh false media rumors

England’s upcoming tour of Bangladesh to crush the English media is advancing a new agenda.

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Their goal, however prevented the England cricket team for the upcoming Bangladesh tour. They are trying hard, and the current security system in this country is one of the England players when there is risk of loss of life, the idea of the transformation of an established truth.

This is a sensitive issue to the general public sentiment toward the negative news almost every day of England’s tour of Bangladesh is the country’s media. Most of them, it goes without saying that the mere fabrications.

However, this attempt was a new one on Friday. The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Daily meilasaha England, almost all the leading media report said: “Although there are security risks in Bangladesh is determined to continue to tour England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). However, if no player will be able to withdrawal their name to this series. “

The news that the ECB catechena excessively. Barakartara shocked by the news of the ECB. England’s assistant coach at the press conference, Paul said he thought pharabesao. At the beginning of a delicate balancing act, he said, “I do not know these things, you first hear maraphatai!”

“The players want to be able to boycott the series, has no such discussion between us.”
He added, “10-1 days before the Test and ODI squad members have been to us. And we do not think at this moment we have not decided Bangladesh series. Safety inspectors submit their report later everything will be confirmed. He does not say anything about this from us before. “

Pharabesa “The Bangladesh tour is a difficult decision to make. It’s a shame that Pakistan is not a party. I was at the time of the attack in Lahore basei. Luckily we bemcechilama life. Players and staff safety must be a big deal, but no more serious than his decision not to visit the country. Bangladesh hopes that we’ll play there. “

Check to see if the security situation in Bangladesh arrive in Dhaka on August 17, Reg dikasanera security inspection team headed by the ECB. BCB officials, as well as talking to the Bangladesh police, army and other armed groups, they will also work in the field, and then will decide the team’s overseas tour is really secure.

India is now the party of the same safety inspector to examine the situation in the country. In October, two Tests and three ODIs in Bangladesh after England’s tour of India is supposed to go.