Messi turned the browser to retire

After losing on penalties in the final of the Copa America in Chile, announced his retirement from international football with anger at the current best footballer Lionel Messi. এখানে ক্লিক করে খবরটি বাংলায় পড়ুন:

After the announcement of his multi-solicitation request has been procession-meeting. Trade ties were even road March. Nevertheless, Messi was unconcerned. Incredible to see his aloofness was forced to say, “Messi is probably not coming back.”

Yet, within a few days, Argentina’s Edgardo new browser melt all the ice was a little efforts. Messi’s mind became warm, and he announced, “took back his retirement decision. ‘Browser for the World Cup qualifying match against Uruguay, and Venezuela announced the team name put Messi.

Messi brought back from retirement to browser? Galalena ice How is he? The fans gave up on that question. Finally the curiosity Edgardo supplied browser itself. Told how he decided to retire his return from Messi.

In fact, after losing the Copa America Argentina football coach Gerardo Martino stepped down. Instead, he was appointed as the new coach of Brazilian club Sao Paulo Edgardo  Last duties. The first successful browser missi La alabeselestedera responsibility. Messi recovered.

Soon after taking office in Argentina browser cares, anyway Messi will turn to thoughts of retirement. For this reason, he flew straight to Barcelona. While there, he talked with Messi. Messi then announced the decision to withdraw. Talked about the details of the Argentine newspaper La NYA SiO Nera with Edgardo browser.

The browser, said in an interview, “is to convince Messi to Barcelona, I went with him to talk mainly about football. We nearly two hours discussing various aspects of football in it. Messi is primarily a result of the negotiations, we were able to keep the list of World Cup qualifying. ”

Messi was anger, criticism of him in Argentina, to mock. Other three consecutive major finals did not win the title, the manifold increase in the amount of criticism and ridicule. In fact, why not play football anymore, he announced his country.

Messi tried to convince the browser thing. What he said at that time that Messi La nation era with highlights, “I said Messi, Argentina Altogether there are some 100 ignorant. They say today-balls. Will be critical. But I told him, on … For the rest of the 100 million illiterate people can not be overshadowed by the passion and love. People want more from you. I want to see the national team. If you just look at the 100 side, just can not keep it to yourself. Those who love to look at them. ”

Browser, “said the statement came then. I think that was actually quite normal and there was writing, he can be selected for the national team. He also will try to win the national team. ”

Although you can win all the things that he does not want to guarantee the browser. He said that if the world can be won, it is not. However, the guarantee can be given that a large threat for the opponent. Messi from the more we would like to take advantage of the opportunity. “