Who won’t come to Bangladesh of England

Bangladesh tour of green undoubtedly one of England’s decision on behalf of the firm. The country’s media is still no clear position or statement said. However, it is going to get some kind of a mixed tone. খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন:

England’s top media Daily Telegraph noted cricket writer Barry Shield has the title of his report: “England’s tour of Bangladesh, but how many players will be ready to go?”

Is the question. The ECB, however, assured the safety of the players on this tour to anyone who has been given the freedom to turn his back. However, that still did not go on this tour. Whether anyone will eventually move, hard to say right now. There is no clear answer Shield Berry report.

Berry brought into the context of his report is very important. Earlier, Australia had canceled a visit to Bangladesh. Youth sent to their age-group teams in the World Cup. England tour the rest of the country, and it could affect the parties.

As a result, the parties would have the confidence to visit the country. Berry wrote, than the previous two, this tour visits the ball-bat, run-down the wicket will not matter. This tour will be the result of the game, but the least important thing.

BBC News Online they had the title of “security concerns, but England will tour Bangladesh. Assessing the security situation to see that the ECB has taken this decision, the BBC report mentioned. However, July also came naturally to kill hostages at 0.

Daily Mail headlined their tour of Bangladesh, but captain Alastair Cook green brings with it uncertainty. Cook would not come on this tour due to personal reasons.

 Is about to become a father for the second time. This tour will be sensitive to the side of his wife at the time, or not to set an example by leading from the front, to be ambivalent about the Cook wrote in an email.

The issue of Cook’s Guardian reported. The Guardian wrote, however, is not the whole tour, Cook may not be part of the beginning of the tour. And wrote in the Guardian, not only Cook, one of the players from the tour will allow the ECB to move voluntarily.

However, the influential English daily, and reminds, that means there is no one left to chance another player. And if the player is willing to move to the next player on the tour of India can not place.

According to the Guardian report, in contrast to the US, England and Australia have taken the tour to Bangladesh.

India has been the importance of the news media. Most of the online media has indiyasaha Times of positive news for Bangladesh cricket. Cricket Australia said the news portal also cricket.