ICC reducing umpire’s call margin

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken their decision to reduce the margin of umpire’s call while giving lbws.

An ICC release said: “The size of the zone inside which half the ball needs to hit for a Not Out decision to be reversed to Out will increase, changing to a zone bordered by the outside of off and leg stumps, and the bottom of the bails (formerly the centre of off and leg stumps, and the bottom of the bails).”

The change will benefit the bowlers. If the decision is referred, a batsman will be in more chance of getting lbw as the ball needs to hit the zone.

 The change will start from October 1 or from the start of any series. But Decision Review System (DRS) should be used in the series. If England tours Bangladesh and DRS is used, ICC’s new rule will be used for the first time in International cricket.

Earlier, former Sri Lankan captain and currently a member of ICC Cricket committe, Mahela Jayawardene asked that umpire’s call margin of hitting the stumps should be reduced from 50% to 25%. However, ICC stated that the ball still needs to hit the stumps by half the ball.

ICC chief executive David Richardson said, “Ideally the cricket committee was very much in favour of, if we are going to have DRS it should be consistently applied. I think once we get a system which everyone trusts then we are much closer to having a system which all teams will accept. DRS has been around since 2011 (2008 was the first time it was trialled) and when it was first introduced the ball- tracking technology in most peoples’ eyes was good. But since then it has got better. We knew it was far more accurate than all the doubters were giving it credit for.”

“What we have done really is just made that margin of uncertainty slightly bigger. Now the middle of the ball must be in line with the stump, which means half of the ball hitting the stump is going to be given out in the future. That is the simple change,” added Richardson.