Cricket set to feature in Olympic Games 2024

Finally the wait could soon be over for millions of cricket fans all over the world, as the game of cricket is all set to feature in the Olympic Games in 2024 if the ‘biggest show on earth’ held in Rome.

Of late, many national bodies of cricket have expressed their keenness to broaden the sport’s appeal by joining the Olympic movement. A couple of weeks ago, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) — one of the most powerful bodies of cricket, had also warmed the idea.

 And now at this week’s International Cricket Council (ICC) Annual Meeting, which is being held in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh for the first time ever in the sport’s history, Simone Gambino, the president of the Italian Cricket Federation (ICF), revealed the attempts had moved a step closer.

“If Rome hosts the Olympics, cricket will be included. We have a firm commitment from the organising committee.” Gambino was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles, another leading contender for 2024 Olympics, may also spell good news for cricket, following the recent comments of Patrick Sandusky, the US Olympic Committee’s chief external affairs officer.

He also added that if cricket is included in the Olympics, it would be played in its shortest format, which is the T20 version. “T20 cricket is a very natural fit. If you look at the number of people interested in cricket, and the staggering TV numbers when India play Pakistan, there is a huge opportunity for the Olympics.”