Mahendra Singh Dhoni: One sad love story

In the Neeraj Pandey film ‘M.S. Dhoni – the Untold story’, the untold stories of India’s captain cool has been unleashed. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is now happily married with Sakshi Dhoni and the couple have a beautiful daughter but it would be shocking to know Sakshi is not Mahi’s first love.

In his early 20s Mahendra fall in love with a girl named Priyanka; young Mahi was so much in love with her that they decided to stay with each other for the rest of the life but fate took Priyanka away from Mahi in a saddest incident.

 Dreaming to be a part of the Indian national team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni put his hard work in the practice sessions and he was also doing well in the field. He was selected in the Indian A team for a tour to Kenya and Zimbabwe early in 2003 – 2004.

Dhoni’s talent revealed all through the tour where he scored 362 runs in just 6 innings. Eventually which paved his way to the Indian national team. While Mahi was in the run feast, he did not imagine how fate shook his world. The girl of his dream Priyanka fall into a road accident and lost her life.

Mahi was so shattered he could not come into the cricket field for a year. When he came to realize it was Priyanka’s dream to watch him playing in the Indian national team, Mahendra wiped his tears and back into the cricket field to work harder than ever and the rest in history.