Big change of Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger instant messaging apps, social media is a big change. As a result, the change will be much easier for users to use the Messenger app on Facebook expected.

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Head of Product at Facebook messaging Canadianism Stan said, from the beginning of smartphone messaging, message format coagulate there was no change.

In this case, we are going to add some modules, which are sort of like the team a lot of different people different messages.

As a result, users will see the changes in some modules will have a new home page. The new messages will always be at the top of the module, which was read. And then he will be “phenobarbital” module, where the most frequently contacted friends who will be the message. And to be online friends “not active” display module. Also users will have to remind a loved one’s birthday, “birthday” module.

As a result, there are changes in your inbox clue lose Canadianism Asked whether he will be given more emphasis in the new messeigneurs. He is not the most important thing is always the meticulousness had put on.

The new update for Messenger users soon will be introduced worldwide.