Bravo will make a fool to Dhoni and win the game

Drsyatai was rare that match the picture. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s disappointed face. Usually can not be seen on the cricket field. খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন:

‘Captain Cool’ to catch the end of the bat head that way narate narate went to the ground, so it was clear how much has been disappointed. “Men in blue from head out of disaster. So the word!

Hit two sixes in a great mood after the captain thought he might lose the game in India. I, for one! IPL played together for a long time.

But former team-mate Dwayne Bravo Super kingasera end, he could not handle the ball. Locations Rahul century after the storm. Where is the mistake?

“Our idea was right. But that did not apply, “the Indian captain after the match was. However, in the last ball of the biggest complaints about the performance of the team does not get out of record in international cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

“What more will than batting unit. Most of the things we did well today. No time askim have around twelve-run partnership.

 Outstanding played today throughout the whole match Rahul. Others. If you do not have to chase around 50, “said Dhoni.

The Bravo? Samuels catch the fall into the hands of Dhoni to fly like a bird spreading his hands to gesture CSK team-mate and former champion dance celebration mother Dhoni is the perfect way to plan saralena way?

 “I can take out the match Dhoni. I had two balls target. Yorkers and slower.

Midauikete big shot so make sure that Dhoni did not kill.

After the last saw him move across the crease under given the slower seemed right. That could come in handy. “