I do not know whose child in my stomach? Husband or a husband’s brother!

My name is Lima. I am alone all day and all. Who I really am walking with a child in the stomach.

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Please do not mention my name in front of everyone. Because I have a lot of cosmic love.

I have been married for two and a half years ago. I just passed my SSC. People are very good in-laws house. They love me. I do not want any of my in-laws house, do more studies. I understood it.

My husband was illiterate. Maybe he could leave if I study besidura Another reason is the fear that they will never give me a job, and my in-laws kalejatio away from home.

Anyway, let’s come to the original. After the wedding, the groom’s house, everybody loves me, affectionately. They are two of my husband’s brother and the other my fellow 10th class. Suman’s name and other names Souza.

Suman town is home to the study of the Souza. Suman ludu play at home is actually up. Is a lot of fun. This year cut. Meanwhile, H-SC Suman is at the end of the test. Hasahasitei all the time spent together.

One day someone dies in a distant relative. Everyone goes there. I’m just at home. Meanwhile, Suman went to her friend’s house. Suman after all the things he’s going to come home. After coming home, and no one seemed to hear his Eid. Why are so happy to hear that he did not realize at home alone? Ludu the two sat in the room to play.

Suman was just as false, I laid hands on her cheeks, she attacked a pinch. I’ve still think it is iyarki. But he did not move hair from one to me. And how long before women could make a boy? At one point I gave consent because she is very familiar. My physical relationship with my husband’s brother was Suman. Then, after lunch, he took it with me once again. I did not interrupt him. Better, it took me a lot.

Since then, whenever he had the chance whenever they were with me. Thus, almost two months away. Suman was the result, and he goes to the city. Then, after 23masa realize that I was preganensa parichi. Now is my six months. I remember the moment that the whole time.

In fact, my stomach is this child? I am mentally very bitter. These things, I do not trust anyone to share it with. My only goal of the game while these words, as I do not like anyone else. Some suggestions in this regard.

Tip: Sister, what has happened in your life that do not happen to anyone else that is important to us. But now you find yourself with your husband as the father dominated the day. Then you will get peace of mind.

Many of these events happened. Always bring your peace to all the world that you’ve asked us. Trade your debarake next gen debenana That’s what we will expect from you. Thank you. [Image as a symbolic name has been mentioned]