Item song : Behind the Scene (Watching video)

Mid long shot. Stage sparkling in the light.

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Mancajure colored lights playing games. Dolacchena waist black dress of a woman in the front row of the stage. Some of the young men in the back row. Back on the ground, as my fire, filled part of the youth, “playing the title song.

After a while the music stops. Dance theater actress stopped. One came up on stage. He Kalu Khan, Saif assistant choreographer. He explained to the young people dancing currency. Then the camera moves from the stage original (film) director and cameraman to. Music started playing again. Daughter’s waist and started swinging again item.

Thus, to exercise more than once. I say, cinematic shooter to shoot the item song. If the floor was decorated decoration light recently BFDC 1. Item song shooting out there all night. Kabir’s daughter danced as the lunar day items. This song was released a video shoot YouTube channel. This can be seen in the scene.

Raju Chaudhary directed the movie Shooter starring super star Shakib Khan and newcomer bubali. In addition to acting more sahariyaja, emperor, merchant Misha and others. The film is scheduled to release on Eid ayahaya.