Jeans pant is not allow for any girl in this college

Controversy is nothing new women’s clothing.

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What do they wear what is often embroiled in controversy. But the list is a college of the University of Patna, India. Women’s College Magadha ruling, can not come after college girls Jeans. Instead of going to college is the dress code.

To return to college that would offer the body will follow the dress code. It has been made clear that the authority of Magadha College. College students can come later, according to the new code salwar-Curti. Will take with double-folded. Blezarao college can be worn. However, it is not just jinasai, shorts come after the ban was imposed. This rule will be effective from August 16, said.

Violations of the rules will be fined 1,000 rupees. The second rule will be canceled if you do not name the college said. However, the excessively catechena college students. They opposed it. Their words, individual freedom is the college authorities. They warned against movement.