MCC to suggest altering the size of cricket balls

In the era, where batsmen became more and more dominant in the on filed show of the game of Cricket, debates keep continuing whether to restrict the size of the bat or not; lawmakers of cricket, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has raised the possibility of adjusting the size of cricket balls also.

Innovating suggestions and ideas has been provided by the leading manufacturers of cricket ball like Kookaburra, Dukes and Tiflex that they have the ability to outfox more spin, more seam and more swing through acceptable manipulation of the cricket ball.

 More spin can be available from a cricket ball by using heavier thread to make the sim more prominent and to grip more. In order to get more seam from the ball, stitching have to be done by thicker threads and polish, making the seam longer lasting and more prominent and more swing can be gettable through small alteration of shape and size of core.

Although cricket law makers acknowledged the incontrovertible evidence of imbalance between ball and bat by favoring former over recent years, the report says that any sort of reduction in the size of bats could impact women’s cricket.

“There are some who are suggesting that the women’s game could be made more exciting by allowing them to have more powerful bats than currently exist. Limiting the power of bats would be another obstacle for women’s cricket” – said the report.

However no final decision will be taken until further consultation with the bat manufacturers and scientist.