Messi returns to Argentina squad for that reason again

Lionel Messi once again can be seen in the blue and white shirt.

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After losing in the final of the Copa America in anguish and grief-Messi had announced his retirement from the national team. The football world was rocked. After Chandragupta finally came that day were waiting for Friday’s Mahabharata worldwide.

Messi Argentina Football Association national team is scheduled to return to the days of relying on social media goes wild after her fans happy.

The Argentine superstar says, ” Argentine football will be a lot of things to fix. I want to make it out of the field. I do not want to sit outside criticism. ” Comment that Messi is aware that its green light to return to Argentina shirt.

Messi also said, ” said Argentina has a lot of problems in football. I do not want to raise it. I do not want any harm to the national team. Rather, the opposite always wanted. That wanted to help somehow. ” Why would leave the national team, Messi also said, ‘He’s in the final days of driving a lot of things in my head. At one time I really thought about giving up. But I shiitake Argentina and his great love. ”

Argentina’s new national coach Edgardo browser was recently in Barcelona, Messi mean. Messi said after the talks, the two decided to change. Even before the 2018 World Cup, Uruguay and Venezuela, the country against koyaliphayare Jersey became the new coach is said to have wanted to move. Messi clear indications of his words.

Thanks to the fans and said, ‘Thanks to them who wanted to continue to play for Argentina. I hope that soon you will be able to present a happy moment. ”