Only one glass at night, enough to reduce the intestines

Loss eating, doing exercise every day. Still, do not reduce the intestines?

Abdominal fat, bloated burden imposed troubled thinking about how amenably? Do not worry. And was given a few simple tips. Callable accept regular work magic.

It stipulated that the amount of chemicals in our daily diet, our body is bad enough. Sedentary present as well as lifestyle. Two matching rate decreases the body’s metabolism.

This leads to unwanted body fat. The toxins leads to savings. These can only be released from a drink. This drink before bed every night playing rules kamikaze abdominal fat. Will be under the control of hypertension, diabetes, the heart will be good.

Ingredients: lemons half a cucumber, one teaspoon database, a bunch of parsley leaves, 1/3 glass of water.

Way: Take the juice and mix all the ingredients Juarez. Eat and drink of the fruit before bed every night from hand to hand.