Positive demolishing the house again!

ফের ঘর ভাঙছে তিন্নির!

Positive demolishing the house again. After separation of the media had gone behind to hillol once the ‘Jolly’ star. Drugs was reported to be depressed. Suddenly returned to the path of light. Saad married, but the marriage is going to go broke. Positive and that’s why! Huda Saad Adnan did not see eye to eye with her husband, three months after a long-Positive husband left the family to live in separate reports. On 18 February 014 Huda Saad Adnan Positive secretly married. It is known, after one year of marriage in October. Positive previously married to actor Adnan hillolake. After a few years of marriage, they were divorced. The once-popular model and actress who was the mother of the daughter of one family Positive. Meanwhile, Saad Saad after the marriage and the family as a mirror Positive kanyasantanerao gave birth.

Positive cell number was found switched off when contacted more than once. The Positive Suad’s husband took the phone when contacted by phone. However, several sources close to Saad and Positive, Positive Saad and broken family is only a matter of time. The source further said, trying to save the world, but Saad Positive apathy has been observed. However, it can be inferred from Saad’s recent Facebook posts. Even if Saad’s Facebook stetasaguloke analysis Positive horrific means.

In a word, Without pulling Positive desperate peril. Positive and Saad are currently two separate lives. Positive status on Facebook a few days ago brought charges against her husband Saad. Flexible spending the night out of the house, the daughter did not inquire Looking Glass rakha these charges was also there. Suad an extramarital relationship with a friend, had the charges against Saad Positive Liquor kara’s status. Sad but true extent of this to just be known as Positive. Positive phone number, but also due to not being able to stop.