Samsung’s new smartphone operating system, bringing the TJ

South Korean company Samsung’s new smartphone running the operating system on their own TJ ‘Z II “is coming to the Indian market. Perhaps that will debut this month in the Indian smartphone market.

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Reducing dependence on Google’s Android operating system, now Samsung is trying to increase its dependence on generation operating system.

Claim a website, India, the handset pack, Reliance Geo Four-G data may not coincide with the special offer. Where the first three months of unlimited phone, SMS, and data can be found surfing the opportunity. The phone is powered by Samsung’s own operating system is just the first phase of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and certain countries such as Kenya match.

Four-G handset display may be more compatible with the new Z-4-4.5 inches. AMOLED display, 1 GB of RAM, this phone’s performance. 5-megapixel rear camera, VGA front camera, though. S. There will be bike mode. Perhaps mAh battery of 15002000.

TJ OS-powered smartphone in the Indian market, Samsung already had two. Z 3, Z 1 January and October last year, but the market did not have much popularity. Indian currency of Rs 4,499 to the price of the new smartphone.