Sonakshi soon marry boyfriend Bunty?

There is mounting speculation for some time pressed to say paraya Sonakshi Sinha got married too early, or are about to sit down, with my boyfriend Bunty sacadebera.

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For this reason, he or she will not sign any new pictures.

A few days ago sonaksike to marry or have heard Bunty. And gave the consent of gold. Now it only remains to finalize the wedding day. This is why the heroine is directed by Sunil Sippy light after the film has not signed any new pictures.

Sonakshi is also going to hear the words Bunty ‘mubaraka “come out of the picture. In contrast to the film because she was supposed to be her ex-boyfriend Arjun Kapoor.

Sonaksira marriage, but it’s really not going to say how much news. Sonakshi or her family because of this issue until now has not given any response.