The England team will be full of energy

More good news came on the fly. As well as those with a full-strength team will come to England; The former England captain and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) director Andrew Strauss. Not only that, there is no pressure on the Bangladesh tour, no player has claimed. খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন:

The three-member committee that inspected the safety inspector has confirmed the report, based on the Bangladesh tour England. The players had a meeting with the board and the team.

However, the English media reports, many people can take away from the tour of Bangladesh. Even some of the media, the pressure on the England players to come on board. In fact, the carrier may not at the risk.

Strauss said he did nothing of it. He said: “We have spoken with the players. So far they have been able to explain the security situation. Why is it safe to have explained to them the tour of Bangladesh.

But at the moment they have the opportunity to discuss the matter further with. They may want to talk with anyone about the country. Then we’ll talk one by one. Listen to them. “

Strauss said, referring to the tour is perfectly safe, ‘I am the (Bangladesh) confident about the security situation. During the same time, confident of their security plan. So I’m optimistic about the whole  can go. “

Strauss thinks, right now the issue is not just strictly to disperse. In that case, it would be wrong to think on one’s personal decision.

“Our job is to give players all the information about the relief and returned to Bangladesh. According to them, Bangladesh is safe. “

Meanwhile, the England cricket team’s tour of pressure is being applied on; Strauss was hearing a complaint. The complaint is dismissed.

In this context, said the pressure on someone who is totally incorrect information. If all the players together, saying, ‘We’re going to tour’ strong statement could be more than that. “