The southern part of the country’s most modern airports

the latest international standards in the south of the country is planning to build a new airport, said Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon. [ Reading in Bangla : দেশের দক্ষিণাঞ্চলে হচ্ছে সর্বাধুনিক বিমানবন্দর]

Wednesday (July 0) Parliament said. Monirul Islam (Jessore-II) in response to a question, he said. Earlier in the afternoon, around 5 pm Speaker said. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury presided over the meeting of Parliament began.

Menon said, “In addition to meeting the country’s growing demand for passenger air transportation junction in the east and behind the southern part of the country around the capital to build the most modern international standards, there are plans to build a new airport. Will be named “Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib International Airport.”

Bimanamantri the country’s south-western Jessore airport air through contact with the other regions are being managed. The communication system expansion, development of trade and tourism industry, and to increase the effectiveness of Mongla Port and Mongla Mongla EPZ Economic Zone, etc., to enhance the effectiveness of the “Khan Jahan Ali Airport construction project is under way.”

Rashed Khan Menon said the prime minister’s chair approved the project at its meeting held on May 5, was 015. The airport is going to build the necessary land acquisition and consultant.