Tinni has left her husband Saad!

Positive actress and model Sravasti given current husband left the house.

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Through a Facebook status that she revealed. She said her husband Adnan Huda Saad were tortured.

Positive on Facebook, writes, “I was wrong. Saad fraud, ill. Fooled me. There is no day and night, he tortured me, impossible. He is the true culprit. I left his house forever. “He added that the status Positive images of her daughter.

Positive married actor Adnan Farooq hillolake love. Hillol-Positive has a daughter. But the family, and toothless. The media withdrew himself from the star.

Then he sat down, I got married with Saad is heard. But after today’s Facebook status has been rumored, then, is to break the world Positive?