What does this do to the soft drinks cans before eating?

Open cans of soft drinks consumption is amazing. But before you grab the finger pressure on the ears, can take on this task of course. There are reasons.

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Cans must be done before opening. That is, with his finger on the upper side of the can is empty to a gentle knock.

Why will you do?

The first reason, cans before opening the small (microscopic) is attached to the gas bubbles inside. Bubbles grow sharply if the open cans. At that time, a lot of carbon dioxide decreases liabilities.

After the bubbles rise to a certain extent, can fall from the inner wall of the mouth is pushed out. The liquid coming out of the path in front of him fell, pushing it naturally wants to come out.

Therefore, the bubbles off the tap. As a result, there is the possibility of coming out pushing drinks.